Welcome to the website of Andy Torbet

Underwater Explorer, Deep and Cave Diver, Skydiver, Climber and Outdoorsman

BBC, Discovery and History Channel TV Presenter, Speaker, Author and Film-Maker

(and the voice of Action Man)

From exploring deep underwater cave systems and finding lost shipwrecks to freediving with sharks, from scaling sheer mountain cliffs and climbing icebergs to high altitude skydiving and wingsuiting, whether it's filmmaking or TV Presenting, on a scientific expedition or one of his own projects it's always a real adventure...

Latest News

"... Our very own man of extremes - Andy 'Action Man' Torbet."

"Andy belongs in the fictional adventure world of Captain Nemo and Professor Challenger. He relished the risks..."
The Mail

"The Underwater Action Man, The Scuba Daredevil..."
Dive Magazine

"Andy Torbet has HUGE BALLS."
FHM Magazine

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