Public Speaking

Andy regularly speaks on his adventures for businesses, conferences, clubs, schools and more.

He can speak on a range of subjects from pure entertainment about his adventure projects, expeditions and TV Shows to targeted messages for corporate events.


Examples of Entertaining Talks:

  • Operation Iceberg: Behind the Lens
  • XGB: Extreme Adventures in the UK
  • On the Edge and On the Telly: Adventures, mishaps and danger from TV Shows
  • Underwater Adventure: Global expeditions, adventures and discoveries from the submerged world

Examples of Corporate Talks:

Drawing on his experiences as a soldier and bomb disposal officer on operations and as a diver, climber and adventurer Andy’s corporate and motivational presentations cover a variety of topics and can be honed to specific needs. Some examples of which are:

  • Risk - Accurately assessing the real, not perceived, dangers then managing, mitigating and accepting the risk
  • Fear - An Analysis of Fear, Stress and Anxiety. The forms it takes and how to use it and deal with it and the situations that cause it.
  • Overcoming Obstacles -Choosing the right mentality and techniques to overcome the most seemingly impossible tasks.
  • Motivation - Setting goals, self-discipline, taking responsiblility and the affect of a positive, excuse-free attitude.
andy torbet speaker

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For Television Presenting and Speaking Engagements contact Andy’s Agent: Miranda at Roar Global


Or call: +44 (0)7917801911


"Andy was absolutely brilliant and really helped the conference. He was inspiring and so interesting he captured everyone's attention and had some really good strong motivational statements he really got us all thinking."
Victoria Watts - Head of UK Field Sales at VAX Ltd

"We booked Andy to speak after a formal lunch for a large professional society. His talk was very different, compelling, nerve wracking, but also human and really funny. He had everyone on the edge of their seats one moment and laughing the next. The feedback from absolutely everyone afterwards was terrific."
Andrew Kearney - Society of Construction Law

"Thank you for an enthralling , absorbing and most informative talk on your experiences. Your photos and video clips were outstanding, your description -spiced with great humour- was fascinating : this was surely one of our best talks ever, and greatly appreciated by a larger than usual audience."
Jim Muir - RSGS

"Just a quick note to say that we’ve collated all of the feedback from all the visitors.
 Each speaker was rated by them and I am pleased to say you scored 100%."
Alan Purcell - ScotSac

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