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Andy has been an extreme adventure, wildlife and military TV Presenter in the UK and the USA for shows inlcuding:


The People Remember - BBC

Andy co-hosted a series with Sophie Raworth leading up to Remembrance Sunday commemorating and honouring the heroes of conflicts, both on the front line and the home front, from Wolrd War 1 to today.  Special guests including Kate Adie, Simon Westong, Micheal Morpurgo, Chris Tarrant and Johnson Beharry VC.

BBC Presenter One Show Action Adventure

The One Show - BBC

Andy has become the action and adventure presenter for the BBC's The One Show.  He has undertaken cave diving shoots and deep, mixed gas dives in search of lost shipwrecks.  He's clocked up 8 rock climbing films and an ice climbing one, a kayaking film, white water rafting, caving and even has some skydiving planned...he's also climbed Britain's tallest tree - one of his favourites.


Cloud Lab - BBC

Cloud Lab follows a group of scientist cross America in an Airship looking at the atmoshpere and the weather and how it effects our world.  Andy's role as the man of action-science contiued from Operation Iceberg and this series saw him freediving in flooded caves, diving in the Californian kelp forest, skydiving through clouds and completing a high altitude skydive from 28,000feet.

operation iceburg

Operation Iceberg - BBC and Discovery US

For six weeks last summer, Andy lived on, climbed around and dived inside a glacier in Greenland and an iceberg floating off Canada.

Click 'Play' to see footage of Andy in action, discovering moulin tunnels.

bbc coast

Coast - BBC. Series 7, 8, 9 and 10

Andy has already filmed two series of the long running and successful BBC2 series Coast. It's given him the opportunity to visit the corners of the British Isles from shepherding in Lewis and Vole hunting around Jura to ringing Storm Petrels in The Channel Islands and putting up new routes on The Needles off the Isle of Wight in support of the British Geological Survey.  Andy is currently involved in researching ideas for series 9... Visit the BBC site to find out more

Kayaking and Freediving for BBC's Landward

Landward - BBC.  Series 26 and 27

Andy wrote and presented some three part strands on the BBC show Landward about snorkelling and freediving around Scotland for series 26 and kayaking around Scotland for series 27. His favourite spot from series 26 was freediving through the wreck of the HMS Port Napier in the Kyle of Lochalsh and from series 27 it had to be sea kayaking around Bass Rock with its colony of thousands of gannets - one of the most spectacular wildlife events he's seen in the world. Landward Home Page.

Underwater inside a Spitfire

The Underwater Realm - 1942

Andy intially got involved with Realm Pictures as a diving and freediving safety consultant.  However, when it was clear the role of the WW2 Pilot would need someone with more underwater stunt experience, comfortable with being in cramped, confined spaces whilst breath-holding, they offered him the chance to screen test for it.  It was something he is very proud of and had lots of fun doing.

Latest Video Clips

Operation Iceberg

Andy Torbet Action Trailer

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"... Our very own man of extremes - Andy 'Action Man' Torbet."

"Andy belongs in the fictional adventure world of Captain Nemo and Professor Challenger. He relished the risks..."
The Mail

"The Underwater Action Man, The Scuba Daredevil..."
Dive Magazine

"Andy Torbet has HUGE BALLS."
FHM Magazine

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