Britain By Snorkel | Past Adventures

I’m leaving the mountain of cave, trimix and rebreather diving equipment at home and striking out around the UK with just a snorkel and a smile.

I’ll be visiting sites from Cape Wrath to Lands End swimming with sharks, seals and otters, freediving through flooded mines, swimming into shipwrecks, high altitude lakes, low altitude lakes, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caves, canals, offshore islands, night snorkelling, some classic shore dives and more. It’ll involve trekking, abseiling, kayaking, tombstoning, deep water solo climbing, mountain biking and an awful lot of driving.

Cave Snorkelling
Kayak Snorkelling
Rough Weather Snorkelling
Snorkel Planning
Wildlife Snorkelling
Wreck Snorkelling

"... Our very own man of extremes - Andy 'Action Man' Torbet."

"Andy belongs in the fictional adventure world of Captain Nemo and Professor Challenger. He relished the risks..."
The Mail

"The Underwater Action Man, The Scuba Daredevil..."
Dive Magazine

"Andy Torbet has HUGE BALLS."
FHM Magazine

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