Cave of Skulls | Past Adventures

Andy Solo Dives the Deepest Cave in Scotland

In February 2010 Andy set out to explore the submerged passages of Scotland’s deepest cave - The Cave of Skulls. The subsequent film from his first outing was shown on the BBC’s Adventure Show.

The trip involved carrying all his diving, climbing and caving equipment weighing 62kg the 3 miles up into the Appin Mountains before descending underground having to make multiple trips through the tight crawls and abseils in order to ferry all his equipment in and out. The film crew stopped after the first section and he carried on alone.

At the very bottom of the cave the entrance to the sumps was blocked by debris washed in over the winter and, after trying to dig it out, he was forced to turn back. However, he found the Cave of the Black Wells where the underground river re-emerges and managed to dive the flooded passage upstream.

...In June 2010 Andy returned alone, leaving the cameras behind. He managed to pass the blocked passage (after a significant amount of swearing and muttering of “I’m not built for small holes”) and reach the underwater passages. He found the limit of the underwater cave system.

"... Our very own man of extremes - Andy 'Action Man' Torbet."

"Andy belongs in the fictional adventure world of Captain Nemo and Professor Challenger. He relished the risks..."
The Mail

"The Underwater Action Man, The Scuba Daredevil..."
Dive Magazine

"Andy Torbet has HUGE BALLS."
FHM Magazine

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