Seals of the Monachs | Past Adventures

Every October tens of thousands of Grey Seals descend on the tiny Monach Islands in the Western edge of the Outer Hebrides, out in the stormy North Atlantic.

The females make a rare visit onto dry land to give birth and spend 3 weeks feeding and caring for their pups.

The males come ashore to fight for control of the prime beach spots in order to control access to as many females as possible because when the females have finished weaning their pups they will breed before heading back to the sea.

These small, uninhabited islands, battered by North Atlantic storms for most of the year, become the second largest Grey Seal colony in the World. This is one of the true natural spectacles of the British Isles; going on in one of its most remote corners.

Andy and a team of divers spent 10 days studying, filming and photographing this unique event. And a trailer for the film will be on the site to view very soon.

seals of the monach 1

seals of the monach 2

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