Britain By Snorkel

In the summer of 2011 Andy left behind the mountain of cave, trimix and rebreather diving equipment and struck out around the UK with just a snorkel and a smile. He visited sites from Cape Wrath to Cornwall swimming with sharks, seals and otters, freediving through flooded mines, swimming into shipwrecks, high altitude lakes, low altitude lakes, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caves, canals, offshore islands, night snorkelling, some classic shore dives and even a bog. He trekked, abseiled, kayaked, tombstones, deep water solo climbed, mountain biked and did an awful lot of driving.

Some sites where easy swim from the shore that anyone could do whilst others involved 2om deep free dives into offshore shipwrecks or diving into boiling rapids or waterfalls. Andy spent most of the summer sleeping in the boot of his car (converted into a mini-campervan) and had an amazing time exploring the underwater landscape of the UK that is within reach of a single breath.

The trip made up many articles in SCUBA Magazine and also became a chapter in my book ‘Extreme Adventures’ about projects in the UK.

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  • 01.02.2011
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