Fit For Films Interview – Train to survive

Train to survive

I wrote a blog for my friends over at Fit For Films summarising an approach to dealing with danger and how physical fitness can increase you chances of survival. The blog is copied below but to read it in all its original glory head to

Some people train for health, mental as well as physical, others for aesthetics and others for performance. For some of us it’s an occupational necessity. I confess to training for all of these reasons. But the single most dominant factor which motivates my training is simple – increasing my chances of not getting dead.


Hy3rid Podcast Interview

I sat down with my friends, Tom, Ali and Dai, at Hy3rid Training to talk fitness, health, happiness and how not to die whilst cave diving, skydiving, etc etc. We may have gone off tangent a couple* of times (a lot) to talk metric vs imperial, Slovenia burgers and wraps and why we were all naked under a table covered in duvets.

Listen Here – Hy3rid Podcast


Introduction to My Home Gym (AKA The Training Room of Torbet HQ)


One of the most requested Vlogs from people on Instagram was an introduction to my home gym, what in there and why. So here’s a quick tour of ‘the training room’ of Torbet HQ.
There is more kit to be added in the coming weeks and months but if you have any questions the best method is to DM on Instagram (@Andy_Torbet).