Extreme Filming and Expedition Consultancy

Andy has many years of experience providing advice and expertise to scientific and filming expeditions and technical project.

He specialises in technical underwater safety and logistics but can also provide advice on skydiving filming globally and climbing and mountaineering projects. If Andy can’t do it he’ll know the person who can.

Consultancy and supervision, both during the planning phase and in the field, can include:

-Risk Assessments, HSE requirements and legal responsibilities

-Safety and Supervision

-Personnel Requirements. Both advising on qualification and numbers and recommending suitable individuals.

-Equipment Requirements. Advice on what will be need and sourcing suitable kit.


He can also advise on specific personnel to hire for specific technical roles e.g. skydiving or mountaineering cameraman, ropes safety experts, technical diving supervisors to ensure your project is both safe, meets the legal requirement and making sure you get what you need to the standard you need it.  Andy has worked with some of the best in the World and is happy to recommend people free of charge.


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