Ride to Triglav


In 2015 Andy and his climbing partner Dave Talbot rode two Suzuki V-Strom 650s from Bristol to Slovenia via the Italian Dolomites for a spot of climbing.

After 3 long days or riding they reached the Dolomites to climbing one of the longest Via Ferratas in the world. These routes, climbing sheer faces augmented by steel ropes, grips, ladders and bridges, where set up during World War One and 2015 marked the 100th Anniversary of their construction.

After this the boys dashed across into Slovenia where they made an assault on the North Face of Triglav. This huge cliff, bigger than El Capitan in Yosemite, provides a mile of vertical climbing. The route is not technically difficult but the rock is incredibly unstable and loose. So the climbing can be very hazardous.

After a lunchtime start and a overnight bivi on a tiny ledge with only their empty rucksack for a bed they submitted the top.

On the way home they decided to stop in past the famous Nuberg Ring arc track. With adventure-touring bikes heavily laden down with stoves, climbing gear, cameras and even ice-axes strapped to the outside, they looked very different to the customised sports bikes that queued up at the start line. But after a laps, even more terrifying than the climb, they made it back safely.

The full film can be seen on the Film and TV page.

  • Slovenia
  • 20.07.2015

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