Andy writes regular articles for a number of magazines, as well as having published a book.


Andy has written over 240 articles in the last 14 years for the likes of Sport Diver, SCUBA, Diver, Climber, Canoe&Kayak, Sidetracked, Dive, FHM and Mens Fitness Magazines.

He has a regular, monthly column in SCUBA magazine and the Camping and Caravan Club Magazine.

Extreme Adventures

Andy’s first book ‘Extreme Adventures’ was published on 21st May 2015 by Transworld.

The book charts some of Andy’s adventure quests and exploration projects around Great Britain. From finding lost shipwrecks deep under the English Channel to scaling the loose chalk cliffs of the Needles and from solo cave diving exploration in The Cave of Skulls to sea kayaking to St Kilda.

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