Andy Torbet

Underwater Explorer, Cave Diver, Freediver, Skydiver and Outdoorsman

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club

TV Presenter on Awards Winning series for the BBC, CBBC, Discovery and the History Channel

British Stunt Register Stunt Performer

(and the voice of Action Man).

About Andy

From exploring deep underwater cave systems and finding lost shipwrecks to freediving with sharks, from scaling sheer mountain cliffs and climbing icebergs to high altitude skydiving and wingsuiting, whether it’s filmmaking, TV Presenting, on a scientific expedition or one of his own projects it’s always a real adventure…

TV & Films

Andy has worked on a variety of TV series and Films over his career.  From projects working and filming in remote locations and performing huge stunts for science to technical exploration and film work inside flooded caves, deep underwater, up mountains and in freefall.

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Andy has undertaken a long list of personal extreme and technical adventures and exploration projects as well as some larger projects for TV and academic and scientific groups.

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“The Underwater Action Man, The Scuba Daredevil…”

Dive Magazine

“Andy Torbet has HUGE BALLS.”


“Our very own man of extremes – Andy ‘Action Man’ Torbet.”


Featured Video

What’s Andy’s latest 2019 showreel. See more videos on his video gallery.