Public Speaking

Andy regularly speaks on his experiences for businesses, conferences, shows, schools and more. He can speak on a range of subjects from pure entertainment about his adventure projects, expeditions and TV Shows to targeted messages for corporate events based on the lessons and techniques he has learned over the years.

Examples of Entertaining Talks:

Andy regularly gives talks about his latest or past adventure projects at shows, festivals and events as well as appearing as a panelist and host.

  • Operation Iceberg: Behind the Lens
  • XGB: Extreme Adventures in the UK
  • The One Show – Extreme: Adventures, mishaps and danger on the most extreme shoots from BBC1’s The One Show.
  • Underwater Adventure: Global expeditions, adventures and discoveries from the submerged world
  • Beyond Bionic:Tales from the popular wildlife, science, technology and extreme adventure show on CBBC.

Examples of Corporate Talks:

Drawing on his experiences as a soldier and bomb disposal officer on operations and as a diver, climber and adventurer Andy’s corporate and motivational presentations cover a variety of topics and can be honed to specific needs. Some examples of which are:

  • Risk – Accurately assessing the real, not perceived, dangers then managing, mitigating and accepting the risk and how some simple steps can allow you to achieve goals other shy away from.
  • Fear – An Analysis of Fear, Stress and Anxiety. The forms it takes, how to use it to your advantage and control it rather than let it control you.
  • Overcoming Obstacles -Choosing the right mentality and techniques to achieve seemingly impossible tasks.

Examples of Talk for Schools, Universities and Youth Groups

Andy has given talks to groups as young as 4. The content and time of his talks are always tailored for the age of the audience.

Schools Talks

  • Beyond Bionic – Tales from the popular wildlife, science, technology and extreme adventure series on CBBC
  • Dealing with Danger and Fear – Aimed at 12 – 18 year olds this talk deals with the practical ways Andy deals with risk in his professional life and the anxieties that come with it.
  • How to be an Explorer – Anyone can be an explorer. There are places to explore on our doorsteps. This talk reveals what’s out there and where to begin.
  • The Science of The Extreme – From deep diving to wingsuiting and from under-ice freediving to falling whilst climbing surviving extreme sports is all about the science behind them

If you would like to book Andy for a talk at your next event, please get in touch with his agent – Miranda Chadwick at Mirador Management on 07917801911 or