Beyond Bionic

2017 saw a break from the norm for Andy as he began filming for a brand new series on Children’s BBC called Beyond Bionic.

Co-created and developed by Andy and the team at CBBC this 13 part series sees Andy compete is some amazing stunts and challenges to see if he can match the abilities of some of the natural world’s superheroes. Using cutting edge technology and help from experts he tries to race a Peregrine Falcon in freewill using jets strapped to his legs, jump 18 metres into the air, climb a 12 storey glass building, run over 40 mph, glide like a Flying Squirrel, stand inside a fireball and dive to over 600 metres deep.

From sharks to geckos and falcons to gorillas this show teaches viewers about some incredible animals as well as the technology, engineering, physics and physiology it’ll take to beat them.


  • World Wide
  • 20.02.2018

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