Dive Odessey

Dive Odyssey is the brain-child of Finish film maker Janne Suhonen. This science-fiction film follows Cave Diver Gemma Smith as she explored the underworld. There she meets a strange alien, an aquanaut (played by Andy) and is transported into another dimension.

The film was self-funded and shot underwater in the freezing depths of Ojamo Mine in Finland and the Helsinki swimming pool. It involved some deep, technical cave diving in waters as cold as 0 degrees Celsius and air temperatures as low as minus 16. Even the pool shoots were hard requiring the team to work from 1900 at night to 0600 the next morning with Gemma and Andy only allowed to breath-hold during filming.

It is hoped that it will be released in Summer 2018. Watch this space.

  • Finland
  • 20.12.2016-2018
  • Diving, Film, Stunt, Acting,

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