Britain’s Ancient Capital – The Secrets of Orkney

In the Summer of 2016 Andy joined Neil Oliver, Chris Packham and Shine Somara as they investigated the rich Neolithic heritage of Orkney. The investigation and BBC series centred around the on-going excavation at the Ness of Brodgar.

Andy spent his time scaling sea-stack, diving in the sea-lochs, kayaking around the islands and even building s Bronze Age sauna in an attempt to get a better perspective on life on the islands 5,000 years ago. The highlight was Andy’s involvement in the construction and paddling of a Neolithic cow-skin boat, assisted by local boat builders and the Orkney Ocean Rowing Team, from Orkney to mainland Scotland. This journey took them over the Pentland Firth, one o the most treacherous pieces of waters in the world.

Clips from the TV series can be seen on the TV and Films page.

  • Scotland
  • 20.07.2016

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