MV Shoal Fisher – The Mystery Shipwreck

When a strange, ship-shaped object was detected by the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) in a place no shipwreck had ever been recorded Andy jumped at the chance to investigate. Along with underwater cameramen and friends Rich Stevenson and Dan Stevenson Andy dived to the seabed, a depth of almost 70 metres, out in the middle of the English Channel. What they discovered with a beautifully intact ship, sitting upright with only some damage to it’s starboard bow. Recording key identification features of the shape of the vessel, it’s size, anchors, boilers and some of the artefact, like a dinner plate, along with research conducted by Andy and Tigress Productions they were able to prove this was the remains of the MV Shoal Fisher. The ship sank in the Second World War after hitting a mine as it brought gun parts to Plymouth. All the crew were saved and the ship was though to have sunk more than two miles away.

Not only did this become a chapter in Andy’s UK-based book, Extreme Adventures,  he also presented a two part film on it for The One Show, a clip if this can be seen on the TV page.

  • UK
  • 18.07.2015

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