The One Show

In 2012 Andy became The One Show’s ‘very own Man of Extremes’. And has been making films for them ever since.

He has been the only person to climb Britain’s tallest tree, cave dived in unexplored mines, paddled across England, raced a peregrine falcon whilst skydiving, discovered lost shipwrecks, climbed remote sea stacks and even been the voice of Action Man.

He’s covered everything from wildlife and archaeology to geology and social matter but always with an element of extreme adventure.

He continues his work into 2018 and this year will see him paramotoring, caving, climbing, diving, skydiving and more.

  • United Kingdom
  • 20.07.2012-2018
  • Climbing, Diving, Presenting, TV, Kayaking, History, Archaeology, Social, Geology, Freediving, Skydiving, Paramotoring, Wildlife

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