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My old Staff Sergeant used to say - "You are only as good as your last BFT" - by this he meant you're only as fit as your last fitness test, there was no point waxing lyrically about past glories if you're not making any effort today. The same applies in life. We have to keep on coming up with new challenges, new ideas and new discoveries.

Everything on this page is currently underway and Andy is working on these projects right now. Once they've been completed they will move to the Past Adventures page and he'll come up with new ones to take their place.

One Show Presenter Cave Diving

TV: The One Show

Andy continues to present on diving, climbing, caving, kayaking, skydiving and general action and adventure features One Show throughout 2015.


Adventure and Writing: Extreme adventures in the UK -The Paperback

The paperback version of the book is out, published by Transworld.


Dive The Britannic

As part of a major TV series and a science expedition Andy is diving the Britannic.  This famous shipwreck is the twin sister to the Titanic and lies on the seabed over 400 feet deep.  One of the most sought after shipwreck to dive in the world but incredibly hard to gain permission to dive and at a depth only accessible to a small number of thw world's elite divers.


Diving Film Making:

Andy is producing an independant underwater and wingsuit film for SUUNTO's 80th Anniversary.

Diving Exploration in India:

Andy is planning a major technical diving expedition to explore a new site in Northern India in January 2017.


The Oceanworks Hardsuit:

Andy is heading out to Oceanworks International in Canada in the Autumn to undertake his training to become Hardsuit Pilot.  The Hardsuit allows the diver to dive 610 metres (1000 feet) belwo the surface and explore the oceans depths. It's Ironman meets Aquaman.

Operation Orkney:

Andy is joinign Neil Oliver and Chris Packham around the islands of Orkney this summer to look at the history, wildlife and geology of this wild and beautiful part of Scotland.  Andy will be diving shipwreck, kayaking sea caves and returning to climbing the famous sea stack The Old Man of Hoy.

Icarus Wingsuit Science

Icarus Project

Andy is supporting the University of Southampton Icarus Project to engineer the world's most advanced wingsuit to break 4 World Records.

For Television Presenting and Speaking Engagements contact Andy’s Agent: Rebecca at Laurian Consultancy


Or call: 07980 301 635


"Andy was absolutely brilliant and really helped the conference. He was inspiring and so interesting he captured everyone's attention and had some really good strong motivational statements he really got us all thinking."
Victoria Watts - Head of UK Field Sales at VAX Ltd

"We booked Andy to speak after a formal lunch for a large professional society. His talk was very different, compelling, nerve wracking, but also human and really funny. He had everyone on the edge of their seats one moment and laughing the next. The feedback from absolutely everyone afterwards was terrific."
Andrew Kearney - Society of Construction Law

"Thank you for an enthralling , absorbing and most informative talk on your experiences. Your photos and video clips were outstanding, your description -spiced with great humour- was fascinating : this was surely one of our best talks ever, and greatly appreciated by a larger than usual audience."
Jim Muir - RSGS

"Just a quick note to say that we’ve collated all of the feedback from all the visitors.
 Each speaker was rated by them and I am pleased to say you scored 100%."
Alan Purcell - ScotSac

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