Andy's Past Adventures

Over the years Andy has been involved in a mass of adventure projects, expeditions and TV productions.  Here are some recent examples:


The North Face of Triglav - A Suzuki Adventure

Balkans Climbing: New Routes

Andy rode a motorbike on a trip to return to the Balkans for the first time since his operational tour with the Army in 2001.  He visited the Dolomites before heading to Slovenia to climb the North face of Triglav - 1600 metres of height gain.  You can watch the film here 


The Old Man of Hoy with Sir Chris Bonnington

Sir Chris Bonington decided to re-climb the Old Man of Hoy at 80, a climb he first did in 1966.  He was joined by world class climber and friend Leo Houlding and Andy.  The Old Man of Hoy is a 5 pitch sea stack in Orkney and graded as an E1 (Extreme 1) climb. In wet and storming conditons the 3 climbers made a successful ascent after 7 hours.

Cave Diving in France

Andy spent 10 days exploring the cave of France.  Using mixed gas rebreather Andy and the team spent up to 4 hours underwater and penetrated as much as 2km underwater.

HAHO Jump for Science

At 28,000 feet the air is to thin to breathe but life survives.  Andy will jump from a perfectly good airplane, opening his parachute and drift over 20km back to Earth over the Arizona desert to collect bio-samples.

Solving Shipwreck Mysteries in the Channel

Andy and the team discovered a unknown, unmarked ship almost 250 feet down at the bottom of the English Channel.  They dived it, investigated it and confirmed it was the MV Shoal Fisher, a WW2 merchant ship sunk by a mine.  Fortunatley all souls survived.

Climbing Britain's Tallest Tree

Over 200 feet high and never before climbed Andy summitted the giant Spruce to confirm it was the biggest in Britain.

Skydiving training for BBC Presenter

New BBC Science Series - CLOUD LAB

Andy will be high altitude skydiving, climbing, trekking, scuba-diving, freediving and caving in a major new BBC Science Series called Cloud Lab.  The show will be filmed across America throughout September and October and be shown on the BBC in 2014.

Cave Diving in Japan

Global Diving Projects

Andy has been diving around the world running the in-water safety for his friend Monty Halls and cameramen Dan Stevenson and Rich Stevenson as they investigate 100 metre deep Blue Holes in Egypt, submerged rock which may have been carved by prehistoric man in Japan, mysterious shipwrecks in the USA and caves full of World War One treasures in Africa.

operation iceburg

Operation Iceberg - BBC

For six weeks in 2012 Andy lived on, climbed around and dived inside a glacier in Greenland and an iceberg floating off Canada. He was joined on the expedition by fellow presenters naturalist Chris Packham, physicist Helen Czerski and Medic Dr Chris Van Tulleken, together with a team of British and Canadian glaciologists, to explain the lifecycle of an iceberg.

britain by snorkel

Britain By Snorkel

I’ll be visiting sites from Cape Wrath to Lands End swimming with sharks, seals and otters, freediving through flooded mines, swimming into shipwrecks, high altitude lakes, low altitude lakes, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caves, canals, offshore islands, night snorkelling, some classic shore dives and more. ...Find Out More

dive the blowhole

Dive the Blowhole

Is it possible to dive through an active blowhole to witness the power of the environment and the wildlife that lives within.  Andy's research has produced no evidence for anyone trying it let alone succeeding.  After two failed attempts he finally made it. ...Find Out More

patagonia wreck hunting

Wreck Hunting in Patagonia

On the 13th of May 1741, on a deserted island in Gulfo de Penas (the gulf of pain) in the cold, stormy Southern Patagonian coast the HMS Wager was wrecked. What followed is one of the most interesting naval stories. After a mutiny two seperate groups, one heading North, the other South endeavoured to get home to England. ...Find Out More

oldest submerged town

The Oldest Submerged Town in the World

In the 1960s Professor Nick Flemming discovered the ruins of an ancient harbour town submerged beneath the Aegean sea. There it lay until a groups of archaeologists led by Doctor Jon Henderson decided to study it. Andy was hired as the dive supervisor on this historic project. ...Find Out More

The Pakistan Mountaineering Club

Climbing in Pakistan

While working in Pakistan and Afghanistan Andy had the chance to join the Pakistan Mountaineering Club.  He ran leading, multi-pitch and technique classes for the young members as well as putting up new routes and solving boulder problems.

cave of skulls

Solo Diving the Cave of Skulls

In February 2010 Andy set out to explore the submerged passages of Scotland’s deepest cave - The Cave of Skulls. The subsequent film from his first outing was shown on the BBC’s Adventure Show. ...Find Out More

Cave Diving by Yonaguni Monument

The Mysterious 'Monument' of Yonaguni

With his friends Monty Halls, Kev Gurr, Rich Stevenson and Dan Stevenson Andy had a chance to dive the remarkable structure in the remote Japanese island of Yonaguni.  This site is proposed to have been carved by man 10,000 years ago.  It is certainly interesting and striking and generated much discussion and debate amongst the team.  Andy's thoughts were "This is one of the most imagination-inspring dive sites I've had the privilege to see.  It is true that man was working stone 10,000 years ago and I'd love to think, and am open to the idea, that man may have augmented this structure.  However, I have seen nothing that can not be explained by natural processes.  This in no way detracts from the site for me, if it is not testament to the engineering skills of ancient man then it is testament to the wonders of nature and geology".

3 lakes challenge

The 3 Lakes Challenge

The 3 Lakes Challenge was something Andy came up with whilst completing the more famous 3 Peaks Challenge. The initial idea was to set up a challenge to raise money for Help For Heroes and hopefully inspire other divers and clubs to get involved. ...Find Out More

seals of the monachs

Seals of the Monachs

Every October tens of thousands of Grey Seals descend on the tiny Monach Islands in the Western edge of the Outer Hebrides, out in the stormy North Atlantic. The females make a rare visit onto dry land to give birth and spend 3 weeks feeding and caring for there pups. ...Find Out More

Andy Climbing the Needles

Climbing in The Needles

For BBC's Coast Andy was given the chance to put up a new route on the middle Needle off the Isle of Wight.  He called it Brittle Bone Coast, grade MXS, to tie in with the programme name and the famous Skeleton Ridge nearby.  The rock was soft, loose and unpredictable but this was Esoteric Climbing at it's best and being only the second group to stand here ever under clear sunny skies above a crash English Channel was spectacular.

Mountaineering in the Alps

Mont Blanc in Winter

There are crowds of mountaineers climbing Mont Blanc in Summer but in their week on the mountian in early February Andy and his brother Jim saw not one single other person.  The weather was cold and harsh making this a serious undertaking.

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Victoria Watts - Head of UK Field Sales at VAX Ltd

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Andrew Kearney - Society of Construction Law

"Thank you for an enthralling , absorbing and most informative talk on your experiences. Your photos and video clips were outstanding, your description -spiced with great humour- was fascinating : this was surely one of our best talks ever, and greatly appreciated by a larger than usual audience."
Jim Muir - RSGS

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